Location photos

     I renewed my website, and was thinking of adding more photos to the location page. When I started to look at the thousands, (and I seriously means thousands), of photos that I have on my computer and on CDs I began to have another thought regarding location photos.

      I believe that when a client is looking for a location he or she is looking for ideas, thoughts, information, costs, and hey – maybe something different, interesting and without a doubt within his or her budget AND a good reason to come to Italy. Thus, I have posted only one photo.

     Think of this photo as a doorway – and then ask me to open my door to my experience and send you photos with facts and figures. Let’s face it – if you want photos you can click on the internet, but if you need locations for a shoot (film, photos, TV, educational, whatever) – you need photos WITH EXPERIENCE and you need them quickly.

     Give me a shout or write to at info@corinneburnsbruno.com or yankeerome@mac.com Isn’t this what service is really about: experience, speed, and ideas? As they say “one photo is worth a thousand words” – and much, much more!