CREW-currently contacts are under discussion

Rome crew members work a 9 + 1 hour day with 11 hours for turnaround. Grips, gaffers, camera department and art department are paid one day to load trucks and one day to unload the trucks.


OVERTIME: we can supply you with a breakdown form.Milan crew members work a 8 + 1 hour day with 11 hours for turnaround. No extra 2 days pay is required for loading and unloading equipment. Equipment houses supply their own trucks and drivers and you are charged for material used.

Taxes are extremely complicated in most countries, and in Italy, probably more so. In order to make everyone’s life a bit easier, we quote using 38% for taxes on crew members.

Normally, taxes on crew members can range from 39% to 44% depending on how much one earns, if one has children, if the crew member is already receiving a pension, etc. etc. etc.