Talent from abroad and not paid for directly by our company require a letter from the company responsible for their payments, buyouts, hotels, per diem, insurance and taxes stating that all of these payments will be honored by “so and so company”.

Our company charges a fee of 15% for all talent if paid by an advertising company and not directly by the production company.

This percent will be lower if paid directly by a production company. We will honor a 10% fee on talent if payment is made with 10 days of final shoot day.


PERMITS FOR MINORS: Our company needs 7-10 working days to obtain permits for children here in Italy from the moment that they have been selected from casting.

Permits include documents from the minor’s school stating his attendance to said school, permits from the Board of Health, permits from the Work Ministry and all of these permits must be obtained, not only in the city or town where the minor resides, but also in the town/region where the minor will be working (filming). We also need the consent of both parents.


Our company will not produce any film/commercial/TV series, etc. with minors who do not have proper permits. Further information and documents regarding minors will be supplied upon request.

Taxes on talent are 38% taxes on daily fees and 31% on buyout rights. The agent’s fee is 20% before taxes.