Who we are

There are so many service companies in the world today --- I bet you receive emails with photos, brochures, phone calls, personal visits, etc. from many of them. Everyone is trying to get you to come to their country and shoot. To be honest, I just don’t like to bug people with marketing "stuff”. My service company sells experience and honesty – thus, the reason the name of my company is my own name.


This is also the reason that I have not included commercials, parts of films, photos, educational films, and video promos that my company has worked on in the past. I truly believe people are just too busy to download films – it is easier to check out a name. Below is the only marketing that I will hit you with – that’s a promise!


So you’re thinking of filming in Italy. Great idea! There are lots of advantages. But maybe you’ve heard that there can be also problems too? Sure! But this is true everywhere in the world. What’s important, dare I say, essentially, is to have someone who really knows to smooth the operation for you and speaks your language.


Filming in Italy, with the right people, can be a truly great experience: we’ve some of the very best crews in the world (true), fabulous locations, stunning scenery, nice, friendly, helpful people and all the services you require. My job is to make sure that those coming to Italy get that great experience – and maybe enjoy the great food and wine as well. I am American but I’ve been working in production in Italy now for three decades, so there are not many situations I’ve not met before.


I worked my way up in the business as a runner, casting director, post production, producer and I am a bit of a neat freak – thus, can drive the caters mad! I was fortunate to have worked with the best, mostly through Italy’s leading production companies. Thus, I have worked with Photographers and Directors from London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York, Australia, Japan, Spain, and more. A few of the people I have had the honor of working with are listed on CREDITS So whatever it is you want, or think you want, give me a call and I’ll make sure you get it and get it fast! And that means for photo crews, TV commercials, music videos, TV series, feature films, corporate films and documentaries.


Ball park figures; we’ll do you a rough budget – based on what’s achievable not some fantasy. But if you’re just looking for ideas, I’ll be a sounding board. Then when it comes to the full budget, assembling the crew, permits, full production, I’ll be there for you. Hey, I’ve been looking after foreign productions in Italy for some time now and I still keep doing it, because this is not a job but a passion.