a rep: A person who believes in another person's talent and attempts to bring their abilities to the attention of other people. Below you will find a list of people I rep. But more than rep them, I have had the pleasure to produce for many of them; and thus, really know what makes them tick! Let me know if you need a DVD or more information, schedules, costs, etc. about anyone of these talented individuals. Since everyone is my favorite, the list is in alphabet order or almost!

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Corinna Winter and Jonas Scholz are a director – dop team –and they call themselves “Aquila ”. Corinna brings along her creative talents from her Creative Director background to the directing team – and Jonas brings his amazing camera “eye” and lighting ability as dop. Together they bring style, wit and solutions to the commercials they direct.

What are they good at: food, vignettes, famous people and style. Check out their website and if you wish I would be happy to send you a copy of their DVD. They fell in love in Rome while I was producing their Averna commercial. You will fall in love with their work and talent. (representing them for Italy – Spain - Turkey – Russia – Middle East and hey, the USA and Australia). Their website is: www.team-aquila.de ENJOY!



Young and  cool, a Gold Lion a few years ago from the Cannes Advertising Film Festival in his pocket, with a heart of gold and a great Dad too, that's Brandon! He started in promos and his talent was immediately discovered by the American advertising world. His commercials are a breath of fresh air, but he still loves directing promos and documentaries.

Brandon has worked in many parts of the world and has no problem with working with foreign crew. He's fast too! Check him out on his website: www.spiralfilms.com and or ask me for a DVD. (representing Brandon in Germany – Turkey – Russia –Spain - Ukraine - Estonia – China – the Middle East ).



Gino's, an Italian director of photography who grew up in the North of Italy, started in the business working in videos (so you know that he is fast!) When I met him in Milan I told him to go South (Americans tell you to go West young man but hey, I'm in another country), which he did moving to Rome and immediately began working in feature films, documentaries, TV series, etc. Yes, he still loves doing video promos. Gino has also worked on commercials in various parts of Europe . And yes he speaks

English and is one of the sweetest Italian that I have ever met! Check out his new website: www.ginosgreva.com . (I represent Gino for commercial in Italy – Germany – Turkey – Ukraine – Russia – China – the Middle East – and the Easter Islands ).



Marco started his career at a very early age with his Uncle – the Italian 3-time Oscar winning Cinematographer, Vittorio Storaro. Working with Vittorio on major feature films, international TV commercials, and; basically, big, big productions was an excellent school for Marco. Speaking perfect English and French has also enabled Marco to work with many of the best cinematographers in the business. I was producing an Italian TV commercial using Ed Lachman (an American awarding winning cinematographer) and was fortunate to have Marco as 1st assistant camera - his quiet efficient manner was a lifesaver for me on set! Marco’s youth and desire to constantly innovate his talent has led him into Lighting Designer on operas, theater dramas, and live music events. Now I understand the saying “The apples never fall far from the tree”. Check out his website: www.marcocarosi.com you can always ask me to send you a DVD. (I rep Marco in Germany, Turkey, The Middle East, Spain, Portugal, Australia, and wherever his talent is required).



I thought the guy in the film JUMPER was all over the place! - you should see Massimo - the flying DOP. Born and raised in Italy, specifically Milan. His love for film and cameras in general brought him into the business, and he literally "jumped" up through the ranks to become a Cinematographer. Jumping up through the ranks-focus puller - assistant - camera operator - he was fortunate to have learned and work from the great directors - Scorsese, James Ivory, just to name two. Massimo speaks, English, French, Spanish and Italian and is loves filming from a helicopter or shooting close-ups of ice cream or beautiful women. His commercials,  ideos, documentaries are gorgeous, and the directors and crew members who have worked with him, like his sunny personality, creativity and speed.

Since he is a JUMPER he is comfortable filming in every angle of the globe. At the moment, Massimo (who is also a good looking guy which never hurts), lives with his family in Miami, but this is never a problem for him to work in any part of the world, bringings with him the warm, the style and the cleverness of being a 100% Italian. Jump onto his website, check out his latest work and contact either Massimo or myself to film your next project with him! www.massimohanozet.com



What do you say about a guy who has directed Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pierce Brosnan, Nick Nolte, Gene, Hackman, Susan Sarandon, and does commercials with the same energy and flair.

That's Roger! If you want to read about all the features and TV series he has directed go on to www.imdb.com - write his name and be amazed. He is a joy to work with! And yes, I have DVDs and would be happy to send you a copy and tell you more about Roger if you call or send me an email. (I represent Roger in Italy.)



Babies, bombs, and bullets – that’s what Tom is happiest directing. Sure you say, what a combination, but that’s what makes Tom a special director. 
He is at home in both long and short formats and has directed successful advertising campaigns for clients such as Lee Jeans, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Disney/Pixar, among others.
Tom’s dramatic directing credits includes seventy plus episodes of Fox’s “America’s Most Wanted.” He also directed all the action sequences for Survivor-producer Mark Burnett’s reality show, “Combat Missions,” for the USA Network, supervising the post-production as well. As a documentary producer/director, Tom proudly received an Emmy award for his PBS program “Hobo,” a documentary on the history and lore surrounding railroad hobos With Tom’s background as a director of photography, he’s fast and clever when directing commercials and, as a Father of two children, he is understanding and funny with kids. He now lives in Rome with his wife and children. Want to learn more? Contact me to quickly receive a DVD or check out his new website www.tomfintery.com (I rep Tom in Turkey, Germany, the Middle East, Spain and Russia).