Basic information

Our company works on a cost-plus fixed percentage basis.

Our bid is in EURO and your foreign currency.

Our payments terms are as follows:

50% - approval of our estimate

40% - first shooting day

10% - a week after full actual has been received

Payment should be in EURO and we will supply bank details. A Swift number is required to trace payments. Your company is required to pay bank charges in executing bank transfers. A detailed actual will be sent at the conclusion of each production service.


This usually takes 5-10 days (depending upon the complexity of the job). If a wrap folder or copies of invoices are required, we must be informed during bidding, as it would involve hiring another person to our bid to follow up closures and to copy all necessary documents.


This paper work normally takes about a month to complete. Italy is a country where it takes time to receive copies of invoices and documents in general. Props, set dressing, wardrobe that has been purchased for your production is the property of our company until final payment is made. Please note that we do not store props, set dressings, wardrobe, etc. thus, they will be given away or shipped to your company.


Shipment will be made at your company's expense.

We always use hire car companies and vans with drivers for two reasons:

1. Insurance and safety and

2. Hired vans and cars have special permits and can enter into areas in major cities where private cars are not permitted.

Note that transportation and fuel costs can be expensive.


VAT (European – Value Added Tax)

on hotels, restaurants, mini-vans/buses & car rentals will be charged to you because it is considered non-deductible in Italy. If any crew member is cancelled or postponed within 3 working days of a shooting day, there might be a cancellation charge which is 50% of the crew member’s gross pay plus handling fee. This might also apply to technical equipment, suppliers and locations. A separate cancellation fee will be discussed and prepared for you if a job is cancelled.