Production service conditions and information

Corinne Burns Bruno Service

is pleased that you have contacted us for your filming needs. Below you will find information regarding permits, taxes, overtime, etc. that might be different from your country. Naturally, this is only a brief introduction to production in Italy, and we would be most happy to give you more information regarding the below information or anything else that you might need.


Mobile phones

Our company purchases mobile phones for you and your clients. These cell phones use rechargable phone cards thus, you know how much money you are spending at all times, and one of our PAs can pick up new phone cards when needed. The rechargable cards are in the following denominations Euro 10-25-50-100. Naturally, if we have any mobile phones available, we will lend them to you. These phones must be returned at the end of filming, and if not returned, you will be charged for these phones.



Our company does not carry special weather insurance. If necessary, we can prepare a specific bid for a weather day and provide insurance if requested. An English insurance company would be hired to supply this insurance.


Holidays in Italy

Check out the dates which are posted on this website under Italian Calendar"