Our company covers foreign production crew, agency and client for liability, accident, death or disabilities while on set, but our maximum insured levels might be lower than your standards. Thus, our insurance companies require a letter from the above people before shooting commences, exonerating our company for higher rates we do not cover.

A copy of our insurance policy, in Italian, will be supplied upon request.

Our company holds insurance from the largest company in Italy - Assitalia - General INA.

Our company requires a letter from your company stating that the director – DOP – producer and foreign crew from your company who will be working with us, are paid and insured through your company.

We have a form letter that can be supplied for this purpose.

Our company is not responsible for any fees, taxes, social security or special insurance for foreign crews unless we have been previously notified to pick up these costs. Mark-up wold be added to these fees.